We believe EVERYONE has the ability to learn and achieve great things. We Deliver our services through our team of qualified and experienced professionals and trusted business partners. We ADD VALUE to your business through our solutions with passion, enthusiasm and commitment.
Business Training & Coaching
IT Support & Products in Education

Based at Loughborough University's Innovation Centre, we are a Campus Partner and benefit from the University's research and development base. We are able to stay ahead of new thinking and technology thanks to our thirst for knowledge and our extensive access to academic research, educational resources and seminars.

Based in the heart of Anglesey our Business Training & Coaching services are also delivered bilingually from training centres in Llangefni, Anglesey and Caernarfon, Gwynedd. We are able to deliver our SMART Training in house at your own facilities across the UK.

Capacity2learn Ltd
Registered business address:
Advanced Technology Innovation Centre · Loughborough University Science & Enterprise Parks · 5 Oakwood Drive · Loughborough
Leicestershire · LE11 3QF